EEMB Designed LiFePO4 Battery with Long Cycle Life

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2014-03-28 12:00:00

Battery Cycle Life is defined as the number of complete charge – discharge cycles a battery can perform before its nominal capacity falls below 80% of its initial rated capacity

For battery designers, an understanding of the factors affecting battery life is vitally important for managing both product performance and warranty liabilities particularly with high cost, high power batteries. Offer too low a warranty period and you won’t sell any batteries/products. Overestimate the battery lifetime and you could lose a fortune. Therefore, one of the biggest problems researchers face is designing an inexpensive battery that can be recharged many times.

Due to many years’ of effort and hi-tech support, EEMB have produced LiFePO4 battery (Lithium iron phosphate battery) that can reach 2000 times charge and discharge cycle, while today’s lead-acid batteries typically last only a few hundred charge and discharge cycle, which is a vital advantage for LiFePO4 battery that can be applied in telecom base station, household power supply, electric boat and recreational vehicle as backup power storage battery. In addition, LiFePO4 is more suitable for electric vehicle battery than lead –acid battery because of its long cycle life.




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