EEMB News EEMB Develops Li-FePO4 Battery for Energy Storage

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2014-03-30 12:00:00

EEMB Co., Ltd has released an energy-storage product line based on Li-FePO4 battery technologies. The system is designed to offer utilities a solution for supporting increased levels of renewable energy generation on their grids.

The system is based on EEMB’s proprietary Li-FePO4 cell technology and is controlled and monitored by the company’s management system. Li-FePO4 battery can be used in solar storage system. The product line is modular and scalable from 1 MWh to 100 MWh or more, the company notes.

As electricity demand escalates in growing regions, EEMB’s clean-energy storage system can deliver peak electricity when new transmission lines are difficult to build, it is the ideal solution for energy storage.




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