Lithium Battery Immune System: Ensure Battery Safety

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2015-11-16 09:00:00

Zeyou Qiu, who owns the most patents in China, has patented the world’s first lithium battery immune system(BIS). According to details, this constant temperature system, with simple structure, low energy consumption and powerful heat dissipation, will allow the battery to function healthily in ambient temperatures of -40 degrees to 65 degrees, as well in extreme conditions without burning or exploding.

New lithium polymer power batteries which will be made by using BIS, advanced sealing polymer battery technology, nano-coating materials, double protection modules and BMS, are expected to not only have high safety, reliability and consistency, but also function perfectly in high and low temperature conditions. Besides, they will last for more than 10 years, and will allow more than 10,000 times charge-discharge cycle, which in statistical terms, is five times the life of what current generation lithium batteries are able to provide.




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