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Our ongoing commitment is to provide our distributors and OEM customers with innovative and reliable products at reasonable prices. Therefore, all EEMB employees are dedicated to implementing the best available practices in all fields. Our strategy is to achieve all quality certification for our products and processes, making it available to customers.

As there are so many product models, not all our certificates can be displayed. The certificates below are only part of them for your information. If you need some certificates for a certain battery model, please feel free to contact us.

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SGS Testing Certification
Certification type: EEMB
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BSI Registered Firm
Certification type: ISO 9001:2008
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UL Certification
Certification No. : MH20555
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UN Certification
Certification No. : UN06-001
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AXA Tianping P&C Insurance
Policy No. : P0056039
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Sira Certification
Certification No: 131446
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