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EEMB Battery - The solution for your bluetooth device. Bluetooth has driven innovation in connecting devices everywhere. EEMB has the capability to power bluetooth devices with its professionally manufactured lithium-ion batteries. Bluetooth technology has freed users from the inconvenience of being entangled or limited by wires. The hands-free devices such as bluetooth headsets provide a convenient chatting and music listening experience.
With all the technology and innovations, bluetooth devices need high capacity batteries in order to run smoothly. Bluetooth headsets are powered by non-rechargeable batteries which need to be replaced with time. Therefore, choosing batteries with perfect performance is fundamental to the continuous usage of bluetooth devices. EEMB manufactures lithium-ion battery series, such as LIR1655 and LIR1255, which best suit bluetooth headsets both in physical characteristics and electrical performance.

Principais características

High energy density

Lithium ion chemistry with high power density makes the battery small in dimensions and light in weight, more suitable for small electronic devices. Strong power output can support long working time of your blutooth earphones.

High safety & reliability

EEMB LIR batteries contain no floating lithium ion, ensuring safer usage. Each battery is well tested in electrical, sand safety performance before leaving the factory. Under normal usage, its cycle life is no less than 300 times with a capacity retention of 80%.

Robust and long battery life

Its operation voltage is 3.6V, approximately 3 times the voltage of Ni-MH or Ni-CD batteries, providing stable and durable power output for multiple functions of bluetooth earphones including phonecalls, FM, MP3player.

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