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Global Positioning Systems (GPS) can provide accurate location data of all kinds of terrestrial and avian wildlife research and management. GPS tracking technology has been adopted in the management of vehicles, tracks and flotillas which belong to movable assets.At present, the tracking system is usually powered by an individual battery with two power supply solutions: rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery, and non-rechargeable lithium thionyl chloride battery. And the battery type chosen for the product is greatly decided by the operation environment and type of the product.

Principais características

High energy density

Extended duration tracking requires large capacity batteries. EEMB micro batteries are designed with high energy density, which are smaller in size but remain high capacity. They can support micro GPS tracking devices working for several months, even one or more years, providing strong power base for the integrated tracking system.

Stable electrical characteristics

EEMB lithium batteries own highly stable operating voltage with average voltage 3.7V and low self-discharge rate, utilizing electricity to the utmost degree.

Small & light

Button-shaped and small cylindrical lithium batteries are compatible to all tiny dimension GPS tracking devices installed in hidden or concealed places.




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