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IoT (Internet of Things), refers to a network capable of intelligently identifying, positioning, monitoring and managing things. It is achieved by the information exchange and communication among things by using information sensors on the basis of Internet. IoT aims to “cut off” cumbersome cables and wires, and to offer people free and uninhibited connections to various devices. The widespread deployment IoT devices is being held back by a significant limiting factor: power supply. Low-power wireless networks made of autonomous, wirelessly connected sensors are a key enabler for the Internet of Things (IoT). Thus, more excellent electric, environmental and safe performance of IoT batteries are required by users.One attractive option comes to lithium battery, that provides a positive support for the spreading and development of IoT. Lithium batteries are most commonly seen as button or coin cell format for IoT-type applications, also available in wafer or cylindrical forms, with the latter providing higher energy density. As a professional lithium battery manufacturer, EEMB batteries will be your great power options for various IoT devices. Designed with low self-discharge rate, long cycle life, smooth discharge curve, safe and stable performance, EEMB’s ER, CR, and other serial battery products as well as customized battery solutions would be your nice choice of supplying power over the lifetime of IoT products.

Principais características

High power and capacity

Rechargeable lithium battery with higher capacity can be used in electricity-relying IoT appliances in household or offices. Robust and stable power output can support long time operation and wireless interconnection of various “things.”

Excellent electrical performance

The CR lithium battery with a manganese dioxide material (Li-MnO2) owns lower internal impedance, supplying higher pulse currents at the expense of a slightly higher self-discharge rate and lower performance at high temperature environments. Lithium thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) ER chemistry can offer extremely-low self-discharge rate, enabling a battery life of 20 years or more and power supply in some circumstances for high-endurance products.

Durability and stability

Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery(Li-MnO2 battery) owns high portability and long storage time for about 15 years. With a wide operation temperature range, Li-MnO2 battery can be applied in various products, such as powering devices, security equipment and all types of electronic devices. A typical application is water purifier, which, by the strong and stable battery power supply, can perform a broad-range water contamination treatment and a fully autonomous water purifier with battery backup.




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