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For years, electric vehicle technology has been providing technological support to electrical wheelchair, for which, the latest lithium battery technologies can be a fine power guarantee, offering unique performance to the newly developed vehicles. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, EEMB’s lithium iron phosphate battery is designed with features like high reliability, fast charge function, long shelf life, free from maintenance, These battery characteristics have become vital advantages for optimizing electric wheelchair lithium batteries. By improving normal operations and reducing costs, it is hoped to lower the total costs in the overall use process of electrical wheelchair ultimately. EEMB’s lithium battery for electrical wheelchair is compatible with electrical wheelchairs of various brands. Besides, customized lithium battery solution can also be provided by EEMB.

Principais características

Long run time

15Ah high capacity lithium iron phosphate can offer long run time, supporting electrical wheelchair’s daily outdoor use.

Robust power supply

48V lithium iron phosphate battery with high discharge current can be your robust power supply in outdoor moving on mud and stone roads, even on gentle uphill roads.

Fast charge function

Charging time can be reduced by the fast charge function, which brings convenience for your continuous wheelchair use.

Especificações da bateria

Tensão nominal: 24V/48V

Química: Lithium fosfato de ferro

Ciclo de vida:> 1000 ciclos

Temperatura de Descarga: -10 ~ 60 ℃

Capacidade nominal: 10~30Ah

Classificação: 720Whr

Carga Temperatura: 0 ~ 45 ℃

Circuito Módulo Integrado de Proteção (PCM)




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