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Security cameras can provide security safeguard for home and workplace as well as video footage of possible dangers, shaping a visible deterrent to criminals. But security cameras can not offer you 100% safety in some situations such as a power failure. In many reported thefts, the burglars always turn off the main power before rummaging the house. Without the security cameras monitoring, they can search wherever they want under the cover of darkness. Thus, it is essential for a security camera to be equipped with a back-up power source, or the camera will fail recording some crucial scenes, causing irreparable losses. It is better to add an UPS to your security alarm system and surveillance cameras. When connected to he grid, UPS will stabilize the input voltage before supplying to the load and, at the same time, storing electricity into the build-in battery pack; When a power cut-off or input failure occurs, UPS will convert the energy stored in build-in battery into electricity and switch to output state instantly, keeping the load working. In this way, maximum security in home and workplace can be ensured. To achieve this security protection, EEMB has developed a professional back-up power for security camera—Guard Series Mini UPS, a stable and reliable option for security camera back-up power with lithium battery cell, small and portable design, and long cycle life.

Principais características

Stable power output

Stable discharge characteristics, maximum service time 16 hours after a power outage. Smooth converting between power input and output can help security camera realize continuous safety surveillance.

Long cycle life

800 times cycle life can support your security camera for long-term working, providing higher level of safety.

Especificações da bateria

Tensão nominal: 12V

Circuito Módulo Integrado de Proteção (PCM)

Temperatura de operação: -10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Capacidade nominal: 40Ah

Peso: Aprox. 4,5 kg

Circuito Módulo Integrado de Proteção (PCM)




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