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Lithium battery has been widely applied in telecommunications, national grid power and other network systems of late. These network power applications have stricter requirements on batteries: smaller and lighter dimensions, longer service time, easier maintenance, improved high temp. resistablity... Catering to TBS power solutions, battery manufacturers have shifted to batteries with higher capacity - LiFePO4 battery.
Commucation system cannot work without stable and reliable power supply system. Any slight failure is likely to lead to circuit interruption, even breakdown of communication system, causing enormous ecomomic and social losses.
LiFePO4 battery is mainly applied in DC switch, UPS AC, 240V/336V high voltage power supply systems and UPS for monitoring and data processing systems as well. A complete power supply system for base station usually consists of battery packs, AC input lines, in-station power supply and distribution facilities, DC converter, UPS and other equipment. The system is capable of controlling distribution and transmission work of communication devices, to ensure stable operation of communication loads.

Principais características

High Energy Density

EEMB LiFePO4 cell has 3.2V nominal voltage and 3 times higher energy density than lead-acid batteries. Smaller size, lighter weight.

Excellent Electrical Performance

2000 cycles, super long cycle life. Great high temperature performance, keep normal operation even in +60°C.

Safe and Green

Battery was tested under short-circuit, probe, 130°C thermal shock conditions after charged to 30V. No fire or explosion occured. Adopt non-toxic raw materials in production process with no pollution caused.




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